NYC Restaurant Week 2022: Top Rated Restaurants That Are Giving Back To The Community

Are you looking for ways to help the community this summer?

What if we told you that there was a way for you to indulge in some of NYC’s most delicious food while giving back to the community?

That’s right. The NYC Restaurant Week summer edition 2022 is back, and this year, the program includes some out-of-this-world culinary delicacies. Between the 18th of July and the 21st of August, you’ll be able to sample a wide range of culinary delights from some of the most coveted eateries in town with a prix-fixe menu starting at $30! 

And the best part about it all is that some of these restaurants are committed to giving back to the community through donations, special initiatives, or fundraisers. So, by booking a table in one of these establishments, you’ll be supporting a charitable cause.

To help you plan for this one-of-a-kind food and drink event, we’ve listed some of the most charitable top rated restaurants participating in this initiative below.

Let’s dig right in, shall we?

Que Chevere

If you’re looking for authentic Puerto Rican food cooked with love and passion, this is the spot for you! 

Located in the Lower East Side, this unpretentious Puerto Rican corner is a favorite among the locals, and for good reason. After all, “Que Chevere,” translating to “how fantastic,” wasn’t named this way for nothing. 

From the delicious sauteed shrimp mofongo to the succulent slow-roasted pork, the menu is packed with flavorful handmade dishes drizzled with glorious sauces. 

And what we love even more about Que Chevere is the fact that the veteran-owned business gives back to the community by donating a portion of its profits to Autism Speaks, an organization dedicated to supporting individuals with autism and their families.

Sylvia’s Restaurant

Fancy a delicious homemade soul food dinner?

Located in the heart of Harlem, Sylvia’s restaurant represents the quintessential soul food cuisine and has become a landmark in Harlem.

Photo Credit: By Ajay Suresh from New York, NY, USA – Harlem – Sylvia’s Restaurant

For years, this family-operated eatery has been delighting the taste buds of its customers with some comfort food classics such as their mouth-watering fried chicken and waffles or baked mac & cheese. And in addition to indulging in crispy, juicy chicken served with thick waffles and the classic mac & cheese, we recommend the fried prawns and the peach cobbler to finish off one of the most exceptional meals you’ll ever have!

Best of all, the world-famous eatery is one of the best restaurants for large groups in NYC, so you can book a table with your friends to create amazing memories together around a delightful menu. 

But the restaurant isn’t just about providing delicious meals to its guests. It’s also committed to giving back to the community whenever possible. Back in 2001, Sylvia Herbert, the founder and owner of the restaurant created the Sylvia and Herbert Woods Scholarship Foundation to support students in Harlem. Since its humble beginnings, the foundation has already awarded over $475,000, and every patron that enjoys a delicious meal in this top rated restaurant is giving students in need a chance for a better future.

Maggie’s Place

How does savoring a succulent truffle burrata and prosciutto board while sipping on a glass of flavorsome pinot noir from California sound?


That’s exactly the kind of tasty culinary experience Maggie’s Place offers!

Only a stone’s throw from the Rockefeller Center and Grand Central, the popular bistro oozes Irish pub vibes. Its founders, Teddy and Maggie Whelan, immigrated from Dublin in the 50s and opened the place back in 1974, making it the oldest family-operated restaurant in Midtown. 

Photo credit: Maggiesnyc

Yet, the restaurant doesn’t just serve standard pub food. Instead, the menu brims with traditional Irish fare and American favorites with a twist. All the recipes use high-quality ingredients, and a choice of elevated dishes combined with an array of refreshing draughts explain why Maggie’s Place has become an institution in Midtown. Our favorites include the incredible Scotch Egg served with delightful curry aioli and the next-level Shepherd’s pie. And if you’re looking to celebrate a milestone with some friends and family or colleagues, this is one of the best restaurants for large groups in NYC.

Besides, like the other restaurants mentioned before, Maggie’s Place is committed to supporting charitable causes and uses some of its proceeds to do some good on a regular basis. For instance, the restaurant recently donated some of its profits on each glass of Rosé Pinot Noir to help families in need in the community in partnership with The NY Foundling

Also, in May, Maggie’s Place donated $2 on each one of their Kyiv Mule cocktails (made with Ukrainian vodka) to the World Central Kitchen to help Ukrainian refugees.   

Safari Harlem

Our next venue will see you immerse yourself in Africa’s underrated food culture. And if you’re a foodie with a knack for trying new cuisines, you’ll enjoy sampling the delicious food Safari Harlem has on offer.

Safari is the only Somalian restaurant in NYC and a real gem in the heart of Harlem.

Once seated, the first bite will immediately transport you to East Africa. That’s because the menu harmoniously combines heat, spices, and aromas for an African food experience you’ll never forget.

If you’re visiting for breakfast, try the succulent ghee pancakes or indulge in the aromatic beef sambusa. And if you’re after something more consistent for lunch, we’d recommend the tasty mango curry veggie or the rosemary-infused sautéed beef suqaar. 

Besides, at North Node, we can’t get enough of the Malab Iyo Malawax, a typical Somalian-style crepe abundantly drizzled with honey!

And if you’re wondering how the Somalian-inspired restaurant gives back to the community, the answer is that since the beginning of the pandemic, the venue has been generously donating meals throughout the month of Ramadan and beyond.

Buunni Inwood

Buunni Inwood is a family-owned coffee company specializing in Ethiopian coffee. The brand owns and operates three different venues. Two of them are located in Washington Heights and one in Inwood. What sets Buunni apart from other cafes is the founders’ commitment to only source high-quality organic coffee beans from small Ethiopian farms or cooperatives and hand process them to create flavorsome coffees.

The idea behind Buunni Inwood is to encourage guests to share a good story over a great cup of ethically-sourced coffee for a cozy escape in Upper Manhattan.

The coffee menu is incredible, with an array of handcrafted coffees bursting with aromas, and the Ethiopian Macchiato is a no-brainer while visiting this authentic Ethiopian coffee shop. And if you have a sweet tooth, the selection of pastries won’t disappoint. Looking for recommendations? We love the rhubarb cheese danish!

Cull & Pistol

This Michelin-acclaimed seafood restaurant is located in the heart of Chelsea Market and is one of NYC’s go-to places for seafood!

Photo Credit: cullandpistol

The fantastic oyster bar boasts a delectable menu featuring freshly sourced seasonal ingredients from Cull & Pistol’s adjacent wholesale facility called the Lobster Place.

Among the favorites, you’ll find the warm butter lobster rolls and the seared sea scallops with a dash of lemon and butter. And to complement the high-quality seafood-based dishes, the menu also features a wide selection of premium wines, exotic cocktails, and craft beers.

Cull & Pistol is not only committed to delivering a fresh dining experience to patrons, but the venue is also resolute about doing so sustainability. That’s why the seafood restaurant partners with ocean conservation organizations such as the Billion Oyster Project and the Shellfish Growers Climate Association to restore and protect the local marine environment.


For an authentic farm-to-table experience, head to Festivál, NYC’s very own farm-to-bar cafe.

The sophisticated bar’s menu will see you embark on a unique culinary experience in a gorgeous setting. Festivál’s specialty, you ask? Harmoniously combining delicious cocktails and carefully crafted seasonal dishes for an elevated dining experience.

Opt for the tasty baked oysters or the delightful Canadian Lobster Caesar, and pair these seafood delicacies with a mouthwatering Plum Negroni. We guarantee that you will remember your time at Festivál forever!

And in addition to the fantastic food and cocktails, the reason we keep coming back is that the restaurant sources all of its ingredients from local producers to support the local food ecosystem and reduce its carbon footprint. 

 Photo credit: festivalcafenyc

Looking For More Ways To Give Back To The Community?

While booking a table or ordering takeaway in one of the places listed in this article is a fantastic way to support the community, you can also volunteer or donate to food-related non-profit organizations. 

And if that’s something you’re interested in, here are two not-for-profits we recommend:

Food Bank For NYC

Food Bank for NYC is the city’s largest hunger-relief not-for-profit organization. The mission of the hardworking individuals volunteering for this incredible organization is so crucial that they have delivered over 1.2 billion meals to date and returned over $1 million to the community. Whether you’d like to make a donation or be more hands-on and volunteer, Food Bank For NYC is always looking for help. 

Tacombi Community Kitchen  

Not only is Tacombi @fonda nolita an institution when it comes to Mexican food in New York (especially with their killer Carne Asada tacos and thirst-quenching Mezcal Mule), but it’s also one of the few top rated restaurants in the city committed to providing food relief for families in need on an ongoing basis. Indeed, what started as a COVID-driven initiative has now become a non-profit organization committed to fighting food insecurity in the long run. Donations can be made directly through the restaurant’s website and have helped distribute over 400,000 meals so far.

And that’s a wrap!

We hope that this post whetted your appetite, and that you’ll add some of these restaurants to your foodie bucket list. Other incredible eateries participating in the 

NYC Restaurant Week and giving back to the community include Safari Harlem, Buunni Inwood, Cull & Pistol, and Festival

Who said you can’t have your cake and eat it too?

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