North Node Holiday Toy Drive

Happy Holidays! Thank you for your interest in participating in our Virtual Holiday Toy Drive helping under-served children and teens at Liberty Homes of Bowery Residents’ Committee (BRC). BRC helps the neediest of homeless New Yorkers across a broad spectrum of services.

Because of the pandemic, the need for life-saving services is greater than ever. To help ensure these deserving kids receive some holiday joy, please read a little about the child and click on each to donate a gift to them virtually.


11-year old Boy

I'm funny, kind, joyful who likes playing basketball, and skate-boarding.

Likes Fortnite Roblox, Board games like Clue, and LED Lights


19-year old Girl

Likes Music and Bath&Body works lotions and perfume.


17-year old Boy

I take interest in sports, cooking, and music. I enjoy gardening, playing basketball, roller skating, ice skating, and baking at home.

Likes Cool Hats, Music, Cooking, Sports


12-year old Girl

I'm short for my age, and my favorite color is blue and other pastels. I like dancing and purses and going outside to play.

Likes Make Up Hair Art


5-year old Boy

I want to be a chef and restaurant owner. I like to play with legos and watch YouTube videos.

Likes Toys – Cars / Kitchen


4-year old Boy

I want to be a firefighter. I love candy and play with play-doh.

Likes Toys / Cars


7-year old Girl

I want to be a sweet and savory food chef. I really like cake pops. I like to dance and play with dolls.

Likes Kitchen toys


8-year old Boy

I enjoy playing with my sister Saba and spending time with my family. I like playing outside with my toys and playing games with friends.

Likes RC cars, and walkie-talkies


17-year old Girl

I want to be an FBI agent. I like watching Netflix and cooking.

Likes Art, paint, board games, perfume, and makeup


13-year old Girl

I'm in 8th grade. My family is from Bangladesh and I love spending time with them. I like movies, listening to music, reading, and exploring new places.

Likes Mystery Books, Art, Movies, Bath Products & Polaroid Products


9-year old Boy (non-verbal autistic)

I like to smile and run around. I'm learning how to write and read. I like to play with cards, toys that talk and games with letter sounds. I enjoy playing soccer too.

Likes Reading Toys


14-year old Boy

I love listening to music, playing video games, and spending time with my family.

Likes Headphones – Wireless Beats Headphones, Music & RoBlox


5-year old Girl

I'm in kindergarten, and am learning my ABCs. I like Roblox, Drawing and to play with Barbie.

Likes Barbies and Pink, RoBlox, Drawing


7-year old Boy

I'm smart and a goofball at times who likes to have fun and play video games.

Likes Video Games (Roblox & Call of Duty), Books, Clothing and Cars


21-year old Boy (high on the autism spectrum-severely disabled)

I like to write and listen to music (Hip-Hop R&B) I like to watch movies like Despicable Me, The Incredibles, etc.

Likes Movies and cartoons.


14-year old Girl

I'm in 10th grade. I like making new friends. Love to dance and play sports and pro wrestling.

-Bath&Body Works Perfume and Products -LED Strip Lights for Bedroom


7-year old Boy

Likes Clothing and cars


21-year old Boy (high on the autism spectrum-severely disabled)

Likes Movies and cartoons


Purchase from the Child’s Online Wish List

Once you’ve clicked on a child, you can browse the item details on their list.

To purchase from a list:

  1. Browse the registry.

    You can sort list items by title, date, price, priority or purchased status by choosing the desired option from the Sort and Filter pull-down menus.

  2. Click Add to Cart or Buy with 1-Click.
    You can click these buttons from the list page or product detail pages. When you order, the item will be moved to the Purchased section of the recipient’s list.
    • If you place your order through the Shopping Cart instead of 1-Click, you can enter a gift message and request gift-wrap.
    • Click Add to Cart or Buy with 1-Click.Note:

3.  Continue shopping or proceed to checkout.

  • Only the registrant’s name and city will appear on the default address to protect the privacy of the list owner.
  • If you’re purchasing an item from a seller, the default shipping address will only be available if the list owner has enabled third-party address sharing. Otherwise, you’ll need to know and enter the shipping address. Contact us if you require more information.
  • To mark an item as purchased, click the Buying this elsewhere link next to the item and follow the instructions in the pop-up. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your order.

All proceeds will go directly to buying toys or sports equipment for the children if you select to donate online and add Holiday Toy Drive in comments section.

For more information on how to donate, please send an email to

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